Social Impact Investments (SII) are financial investments and non-financial support combined, that support companies and organizations, which tackle social or environmental issues.
Investee Social Enterprises (SE) consistently measure their societal impact and performance and operate in a sustainable manner.

The goal of social impact investments is to generate both financial returns and positive societal impact. These investments are tailored to the special financing needs of social eneterprises, and are often complemented with the investors’ professional, non-financial support.

  • Tailored financing manifests in investments structures customized to the SEs needs (equity, mezzanine, loan, grant, convertibles, and combination of these – hybrids).

  • Non-financial supports are important value-adds coming from the investor.

Impact measurement and management is essential to every social impact investment, as they factually and quantitatively present the positive impact achieved on the investment.
Impact measurement and management allow to systematically monitor, report, develop and optimize the impact performance of an investee social enterprise.

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